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Creative Writing

Secret of the Nati, The Collection has been one of the most strenuous writing projects that I have worked on creatively. When reaching the moment of actually releasing this project a small portion was birthed to improve a different aspect of it. This has been a very fun, exciting time in the life of my world of business. As I continue to bring different aspects of who I am to the table I realize that it is more easier to be involved with the time in which we live concerning this social world.

One of my downfalls has been my inability to realize the importance and the role that branding plays on the success of any project that you work on. Writing has taught me to grow with practice allowing my gift to bless me instead of using my gift to gain more. Your gift already is what it is meant to be once you receive it.

People are going to judge you for knowing that you have a gift, it is in their nature to hate on you for going against the grain. Once you know these things exist for all of those who desire to win at being great you accept your higher calling.


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