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These two together are exactly what everyone needs to see. When you see RiRi and A$AP Rocky there is something Kemetic about this energy together. These Ancient souls have returned and their are fruitfully bringing their energy into existence. Magic Pop® speaks for many when it comes to this energy, "We wonder what sound and frequency of music their baby shall produce into existence." This is a grand vibration that they are giving off together.

It is definitely sad that so many people, families and cultures are suffering right now across the planet. After sitting a watching this live video this morning I see that there are some positive changes that have taken place including people pulling together, 40% increase in productivity, 80% of the Yemen people have recovered from COVID-19. When an epidemic happens like this, you can only wonder, "What next?" Thinking that some things, including with the government(s) are staged is not too far fetched, especially with the United States. There are some furious ancestors, who are fed up with the treatment that has come to the planet(s), the earth, nature, tribes, cultures, ancient knowledge, and the people. The planet was definitely invaded by evil entities that can no longer stay here. People are looting, protesting, and fighting because they are tired of being treated like animals. If things such as this are done to spark the votes of an election, imagine what they have on their agenda. We have to be wise in this season and use wisdom. It is time to turn from wrong doing, there is no other way to view what is going on right now.

Unfortunately, we open ourselves up to the critique of the public when we step in the media arena. All Monsters are Humans.

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