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Owned and Operates under Salih Eshe, Ltd, the property of Moni’soi Humes, Private Foreign Trust™ All products, content, videos, copyrights, and trademarks on the website of and belong in the sole private custody of this company & trust. These rights are protected under the official company bylaws and The Official Privacy Act of The State of Soi, Parliment. Code § MLH-75671 and are subject to all of the commercial by-laws of the said entity. 


Cookies that are the use of this site are used to track visitors that visit the site and are only used for the purpose of maintaining proper use of the site. Users who do not comply with the site fully are subject to Code § MLH-75671 Penalty which may or may not include a fine, penalty, interest, fees, charges, or even jail time depending on how severe the crime may or may not be. 


The main purpose of our site security is to protect its owner Salih Eshe, Ltd, which is the company that manages the rights to the websites brands, brand names’ and intellectual property. 


Moni’soi Humes™.com and Website Privacy pertains to all websites, online brands, online content, online films, online screenplays, online scripts, online commercials, online advertising, online sitcoms, online audio, online books, online music, (audio) voice right, copyright, and any intellectual property created and owned by this entity.. It is the responsibility of any party wishing to conduct business with the entity Moni’soi Humes™ to obtain prior to consent and proper licenses from Salih Eshe, Ltd.

As a user of our site we respect your privacy, your contact information, email address, phone number, and any information that you enter on our website, and including any of our brands are only to be used for the intentions of Moni’soi Humes™ conducting business with you as an individual, corporation, partner, or separate entity for the purpose of either providing a service to the user or for the purpose of selling the user a product(s). 

When there is a situation where we have shown interest in further business with one of our site's user we are going to take the route of sending proposals requesting the user consent prior to engaging in any activity involving our sites users. It is important to the brand of Moni’soi Humes™ that we not only protect our interest, we want to protect the interest of our site users. 

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