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Today was trying in many ways for me. I remember the first thing that I said to this man that I met this morning, "I guess we are getting the worms this morning." We were the first ones to the doors of the court house. He responded, "Yes." We continued to have a conversation about spirituality. He asked if I listened to my spirit. I responded, "I do my best too." He said that he listened to his spirit and sometimes it does not work out how you want it too, sometimes it does. For the past years of my life of listening to my spirit, it always find a way to work itself out for me."

I stood on my square today. I am very proud of me for being brave enough to stand on my square, representing my jurisdiction. When you see yourself doing something, just do it. Go for it! Don't be afraid of who you are. Standing in I am is a great tool, push forward even when things don't work out how you want them too. You are your greatest weapon. Make them use to seeing your presence and make them pay for violating your rights.

1. Stand on your square.

2. Stay active.

3. Don't let them win.

4. Follow your spirit.

5. Push forward.


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