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"Of course I pay attention. I am interested in fashion." -Karl Lagerfeld

What a great interview? Karl Lagerfeld was a very interesting man, an artist. His take on fashion is going to live forever. It is amazing what excites an artist and what is boring to them. Lagerfeld only worked on projects and business that excited him. From marketing, to contracts, to no rules, no restrictions, just being careful to pay attention 24 hours, and focusing on the collection has allowed him to continue the legacy of Chanel. He stated, "I think that I would die from boredom. I only focus on what I am going to do next. I never wanted my name as a company." He was not a business man, contracts bored him. He felt that when people are suppose to work together that they should just work together.

He is dropping some gems. I literally stopped when he said that he was linked to nothing. When he likes a place he stayed there, when he does not he left. He paid one tax to France and refused to pay any cent more. He was a European. He was free. #Fendi #Chanel #Lagerfeld #Fashion #MagicPop


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