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I decided that after spending almost 7 years of focusing on my brand that I needed to do something to revitalize it, bring it back, and grab the attention of my readers. What could I do I asked myself after experiencing the loss of my Grandmother, sitting countless hours, days, and months pondering to myself? I decided that I just needed to embrace a softer side of me as a woman. The side of me that I don't reveal too often.

"What did I come up with? Some of this, needs to be televised."

Well, I dedicided that I really want to tell you the real diggity about the crazy sh** that I go through as a person. Sometimes it is not just me, it is my family, and friends. There is no question about it, I live in my own world. And long before anyone else knew it, I was already famous. I made a choice to live my life according to what I see when I look in the mirror and this life has nothing to do wiith anyone else opinion of me.

I am a woman within her own rights to live this independent life as a Boss with many hats. I just made a decision to be fearless about it.

Hopefully, I can get enough the attention of many women and men with the outcome being an increase in book sales. Yes, I said that out loud. I am grinding to become a #Trillionaire #MoniLife #IamMonisoi #GoddessSoi

Whoever is down with following me on this incredible journey, let's go!


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