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People have been sending me this R Kelly interview, asking me what I think about it. My response, "Well, first off I have not watched it. I personally don't know him or what he has done to even make a comment about it." I have heard different sides of the story. R Kelly is a very successful man that is understood or it would not be a big deal. The question everyone really wants to know is, "Have they been listening to the vibes and sounds of a man who has been taking advantage of your teenage girls?" Hell, that is my question too. I don't know enough to make a judgement. All I know is what the media has put out there for us to know. Anything that he does as an artist is going to increase his sales and they have increased from his fans.

I have now watched the interview. R Kelly says, "They are lying on me." He feels that people are trying to come up off of him and says that he is not guilty. My response to this situation is that it is between R Kelly and God.

R Kelly did say, "I have been Assassinated. I have been buried alive." Well, this is a lie. He is still alive. And of course his Publicist was present. He obviously needs some form of help. He is very emotional. He claims to be telling the truth in his emotional rants. He also admits to speaking to the parents of the girls.

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