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"Once someone offers you an opportunity, you can't go back to the way things were before." White male from Film

This is a very interesting reel from the 1960's titled 'The New Girl in the Office.' The video focuses on racism and hiring women in the corporate industry. There is a very interesting light that is shed on discrimination in the workplace that still affects our society even till this day. Discrimination laws prevent all races, women, Nationalities, and all sexes to be free from not being hired based on any of these. It is amazing that there is racism was this bad amongst women and what they called then Negro's. It is sad that there even had to be an Act to create Equal Opportunity, however it has been and still remains necessary.

What I noticed from the video is the way the boss looked at the black woman [Negro] when she was hired as a hand picked employee. The truth, yet somewhat disturbing. Watch!


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